Team Approach

OMC Rehabilitation Services takes a team approach to meeting each patient's therapy needs. In cases when a patient requires more than one rehabilitation service, all therapists work together with the patient and his or her family to develop and carry out the best possible plan for achieving therapy goals.

Ozarks Medical Center was the first health care provider in this region to offer physical and occupational therapy, as well as speech-language pathology services in inpatient, outpatient, nursing home, home health and school settings.

Physical Therapy


Orthopedic injuries or surgeries
Sports injuries
Neurological problems
Gait training
Balance and flexibility
Strength building
Musculoskeletal problems
Joint problems
Lymphedema management
Wound care
Stroke/head injury rehabilitation
Work site analysis


For more information about physical therapy, visit
For more information about physical therapy services at OMC, call 417-257-5959 or toll-free 888-242-9329, or E-mail

Massage Therapy

Relieves the effects of stress
Combats the effects of aging
Enhances general overall health
Alleviates problem conditions, such as carpal tunnel and fibromyalgia
Complements other health care

Occupational Therapy
Therapy following hand injuries and surgery
Upper extremity injuries
Stroke/head injury rehabilitation
Activities of daily living
Functional self care skills
Assessment of home/work environment for skills for independent work/living
Developmental delays
Fine motor skills
Sensory processing skills
Visual perception
Neurological problems

Sensory Integration
Sensory Integration testing and therapy is available for those people who have problems interpreting and processing information they receive through their senses. Sensory Integration aids in the behavioral aspects of autism and Asperger's disorder.


Hand Therapy
Specialized therapy is offered at the Hand Clinic, a clinic dedicated to treating injuries that affect hand function.

Brian Coté
Certified Hand Therapist

  For more information about occupational therapy, visit
For more information about occupational therapy services at OMC, call 417-257-5959 or toll-free 888-242-9329, or E-mail
Speech-Language Pathology

  For more information about speech-language pathology, visit
For more information about speech-language pathology services at OMC, call 417-257-5959 or toll-free 888-242-9329, or E-mail
Developmental communication delays
Speech disorders and articulation
Stroke/head injury rehabilitation
Feeding and swallowing disorders
Difficulties understanding and using language
Reading and writing disorders
Difficulty with problem solving and sequencing
Voice disorders
Cleft lip and palate
Neurological problems

Community Wellness Activities
One-on-one aquatic therapy, with physician order, provided by a licensed therapist
Pool classes for exercise: Beginner, intermediate, advanced and arthritis classes

For more information about either of these classes, call 417-257-5959 or toll-free 888-242-9329, or E-mail



Specialized Services

  OMC Rehabilitation Services has staff who have obtained special certifications and training in the following areas:
Maitland back therapy
lymphedema management
orthopaedic care
specialized hand therapy
Vital Stim
sensory integration therapy
pediatric care
athletic training
work conditioning
pulmonary rehabilitation
community wellness
First Steps contracting agency


worker's compensation
work site analysis
Lee Silverman Treatment Program
Listening Program
autism therapy


Service Close to Home

The Shaw Medical Building, West Plains

The state-of-the-art 12,000-square-foot outpatient facility includes an adult gym with treadmills, exercise bikes, weight machines and computerized equipment, designed to measure a patient's progress. A pediatric gym, designed to meet the rehabilitation needs of children in a safe and comfortable environment, has child-size exercise and play equipment to make their rehabilitation time more enjoyable.

Contact Us

For more information about OMC Rehabilitation Services, call 417-257-5959 or toll-free 888-242-9329, or E-mail

Pediatric and adult services are also available at clinics, area schools, local work places and through Riverways Home Health of Ozarks Medical Center.
Shaw Medical Building
1111 Kentucky Avenue
PO Box 1100
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Alton Medical Clinic
100 Medical Drive
Alton, MO 65606
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Gainesville Medical Clinic
404 W. Highway 160
Gainesville, MO 65655
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Mountain Grove Medical Clinic
1604 N. Main
Mountain Grove, MO 65711
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Salem 1st Care
172 Highway 62 East, Suite 1
Salem, AR 72576
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