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OMC Women’s Health Services

OMC Women’s Health Services is designed to meet the unique health needs of women, providing compassionate, high-quality care to women of all ages. The center provides a central resource location where questions can be answered and support can be provided.

  Inpatient and Outpatient Services:
- Prenatal Care
- Prenatal Education
- Breastfeeding Education and Assistance
- Labor
- Delivery
- Post-Delivery and Nursery Services
- Gynecology
- Gynecologic Surgical Services


Bringing babies into the world since 1959

Since Ozarks Medical Center opened its doors in 1959, one thing has been consistent -- our dedication to providing excellent obstetrical care to mother and child. Our nurses are experts in the care of mothers and their babies. They offer specialized care before, during, and after your baby is born as well as excellent nursing advice. 



What makes OMC special

At OMC, our highly skilled OB staff welcome each mother and family-to-be in a warm, friendly, environment.
- Referral to Women’s Health Physicians (OB/GYN, Family Practice, and Pediatrics)
- Individualized pain management
- Ambulatory Fetal Monitoring
- Newborn gift items at the OMC Gift Shop
- Newborn photo program
- Souvenir newborn footprints
- Family centered care
- Breastfeeding support and education
- Flexible visiting hours
- Involvement of fathers and the inclusion of sibling visits with the mother and newborn
- Promotes non-seperation of mothers and newborns
- Level 2 Nursery with professionals and equipment to care for many high-risk newborns
- Infant security system


  Specialized Services
Lactation Consultant
Cathy Driscoll, RNC, IBCLC
International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant
417-256-9111 ext. 6440
Services include:
- pre- and post-natal consultation
- prenatal breastfeeding classes
- telephone counseling
- in-hospital visit
- telephone follow-up after discharge
Prenatal Classes
OMC regularly offers prenatal classes, which are free to mothers delivering at OMC. For more information or to register, call 417-256-9111 ext. 6440
Web Nursery
OUR365 allows new parents to include their baby's photo on the Web Nursery for family and friends to see the new addition. Each child is listed by birth date and no last name is given for security reasons. Click here to go to the Web Nursery.




  OMC Women's Health Care Clinic

The OMC Women’s Health Care Clinic, located at 1627 Gibson Street in West Plains, provides complete care for women of all ages. The clinic houses the practices of Brian Israel, MD, and Selma J. Taylor, DO, both of whom provide total obstetrical and gynecological care, including surgery. For more information click here or call OMC Women’s Health Care at 417-256-1838.



OMC's dedicated team


For phone numbers and addresses of the following physicians, please access the OMC Physician Directory.

Reah Kurian, MD
Brian Israel, MD
Selma J. Taylor, DO

Family practice physicians who deliver babies:
Leslie Barr, MD
Melissa Hatcher, MD
Curtis Horstman, DO
Robert Martin, MD
Derek Morrison, DO
Jeffery Roylance, MD
Jason Spurling MD

Physicians Providing Pediatric Care
Leslie Barr, MD
Richard Bowles, Jr., MD
Kendell Clarkston, MD
Laurie Clarkston, MD
Druery J. Dixon, MD
Carolyn A. Ellsworth, MD
Garry E. Finke, MD
Melissa Hatcher, MD
Curtis Horstman, MD
Brian Israel, MD
Robert A. Martin, MD
Aaron Mills, MD
Derek Morrison, DO
Scott F. Roush, MD
Jeffrey Roylance, MD
Robert D. Shaw, MD
Jason Spurling, MD
Bill Stafford, MD