We are growing for our community

100,000 sq. ft. hospital expansion coming soon

Radiation Oncology

The Radiation Therapy Department is staffed by personnel, who are credentialed and trained in treatment planning, treatment delivery, and individualized nursing care. Our caring staff works together with the patient and physicians to ensure the most effective treatment.

In 2011, OMC made $2.9 million in improvements and advances to the Cancer Treatment Center, including a new Varian Linear Accelerator, the machine used in radiation treatment. The new linear accelerator allows radiation oncologists to even more precisely treat tumors. The new accelerator includes the latest in imaging technology, which allows the radiation oncologist to obtain images of the tumor just before each treatment, in order to adapt each daily treatment to changes in the tumor. In addition, the precision and accuracy of this new technology allow our physicians to fine-tune the beam's shape and intensity, improving therapy effectiveness, and reducing side effects from unwanted exposure to healthy tissue or organs.

4D Oncology CT

Ozarks Medical Center strives to be at the forefront of technology, which is why our health system has made large investments in the Cancer Treatment Center over the past several months and years. Most recently, the medical center invested nearly $755,000 in a new 4D Oncology CT (computed tomography) along with the renovation of the room where the new equipment is housed, creating a space of healing for patients.

The 4D Difference

Most tumors in the chest and abdomen move while the patient breathes making certain cancers, such as lung cancer and abdominal tumors, difficult to treat with radiation therapy. 4D Motion Management treats patients with radiation while allowing for normal movement of the chest. Each year, there are approximately 220 new lung cancer patients in our service area, our neighbors, and friends. The new CT scanner, along with the state-of-the-art linear accelerator OMC purchased in 2011, will allow OMC radiation oncologists to treat the majority of lung cancer patients here at home.