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10 Year Old Madison Essary donates to OMC & the OMC Cancer Treatment Center

10 Year Old Madison Essary donates to OMC and the OMC Cancer Treatment Center

Madison Essary from Willow Springs had a special request for her 10th birthday. In lieu of gifts and to honor the memory of her grandmother, Madison asked family and friends to donate money and crayons, coloring books and games. These gifts would be given to Ozarks Medical Center (OMC). Madison’s grandmother, Joyce Essary, passed away in August from cancer. Madison and her family had spent some time at OMC’s 2 North Wing while she was hospitalized, and at the OMC Cancer Treatment Center where she had received a treatments. Madison knew what it was like to be a kid in a waiting room at the hospital. Her mother, Tonya, made sure she had things to do, but Madison noticed that there wasn’t much for other kids to do except to watch TV.

“Madison decided all this on her own,” her mother said. “She wanted to help others just like the nurses and doctors had helped her grandma.”

Madison and her friend, Madelyn Fair, along with her mom and her grandpa, David, visited the hospital recently to pass along her birthday gifts. Almost $140 in cash was collected and donated to the Cancer Treatment Center Emergency Fund. This fund is available for cancer patients who cannot afford their medication or who needs assistance with transportation.

The crayons, coloring books and games were given to the nurses at the 2 North nurses station to be used in the waiting room.

“She has a big heart. She is hurting over the loss of her grandma, but this is helping her get through it,” her mother said.

Madison and her friend were enjoying a day out of school when they visited the hospital. Madison was all smiles and one could tell that she was very proud of what she had accomplished. With such a big heart, she will do great things one day. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she replied, “An Orca (whale) trainer.”

Pictured left to right at the OMC Cancer Treatment Center: Ruby Russell, RN; friend Madelyn Fair; David Essary (Madison’s Grandpa); Madison Essary; and Susie Kenslow, FNP.

Madelyn Fair; Paula Kesner, RN; Madison Essary; and Tonya Essary (Madison’s mom) are shown on OMC’s 2 North.

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