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Specialist Services Close to Home

Specialist Services close to home

Ozarks Medical Center in West Plains offers key health services for seniors

Maintaining your health and quality of life as you get older is a concern for most people as they age. Getting older doesn’t mean that you will have serious health issues, but should something arise, Ozarks Medical Center (OMC) staffs a wide variety of specialists in many fields to provide quality compassionate care close to home.

OMC Heart Care Services provides cardiac care to the community, from basic heart care to open heart surgery and everything in between. Services include a 24/7 Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Cardiac Operating Suite and Cardiac Rehabilitation program. OMC’s team of cardiology experts includes Cardiac Surgeon William A. McGee, MD; Interventional Cardiologists Kevin Crowe, MD, and M. Faisal Khan, MD; Invasive Cardiologist A.K. George, MD; and Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist Jim Streff. For more information about OMC Heart Care Services, call 417-257-5950. Dr. Khan also sees patients one day a month at the Texas County Memorial Hospital in Houston.

OMC Lung Care Services specializes in treating disorders related to the lungs and respiratory systems. Led by Dr. Juan Mella, the Lung Care Services team treats a variety of lung conditions including difficulty breathing, cough, asthma, sleep disorders, lung infection, chronic lung diseases (including COPD), rare lung diseases, genetic lung diseases, and many others. Respiratory therapy and pulmonary rehab also are offered, as well as smoking cessation classes. To reach OMC Lung Care Services, call 417-257-5825. For more information about our free smoking cessation classes, call 417-257-6762.

OMC Sleep Center, under the direction of Jared Jung, is a complete state-of-the-art center with capability to monitor different parameters including brain waves, oxygen, respiration, heart rate, etc. while you are sleeping in the comfort of one of our six beautiful, comfortable suites. OMC Sleep Center works closely with your physician to provide the necessary treatment. For more information about the OMC Sleep Center, call 417-257-5859.

OMC Cancer Treatment Center was designed with our patients’ comfort and safety in mind and is equipped to provide high-quality, compassionate care to patients. Located inside the Shaw Medical Building in West Plains, we offer patients the same leading edge treatment they can receive in progressive cancer treatment centers across the country. OMC’s Cancer Treatment Center team includes Dr. Charles Morgan, a Board Certified Medical Oncologist/Hematologist and medical director for the Cancer Treatment Center; Dr. Liana Makarian, Hematologist/Oncologist; and Dr. Benjamin Yan, Radiation Oncologist. Our mission is to deliver compassionate and personalized cancer care by offering prevention, early detection and innovative treatment options that make a meaningful difference in the quality of our patient’s lives and support their path to healing. To contact the OMC Cancer Treatment Center, call 417-257-5900.

OMC Orthopedic Clinic provides treatment for sports injuries; broken bones; hip, knee and shoulder surgery; musculoskeletal trauma; and degenerative diseases. OMC Orthopedic Clinic has two board certified orthopedic surgeons on staff, Dr. James Rushford and Dr. Susan Jolly. OMC Orthopedic Clinic also offers orthopedic surgical care 24 hour a day, seven days a week for surgical emergencies. For more information about OMC Orthopedic Clinic, call 417-256-1745.

OMC Neurosciences Center provides care for diseases and disorders of the nervous system, as well as, provides treatment for stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and neuromuscular disorders. Dr. Clara Applegate and Dr. Vikas Kumar are the neurologists on staff. OMC is a Level II stroke center designated by the state of Missouri. To learn more about OMC Neurosciences Center, call 417-257-6777.

Sometimes your path to healing will require additional care. OMC Riverways and OMC Rehabilitation Services know that when you or your loved one is ill or injured, there’s no place you’d rather be than in your own home. Riverways Home Care works closely with your physician to provide the medical care he or she recommends. Our skilled staff of nurses, home health aides, rehabilitation therapists and social workers, are dedicated to providing the best possible health care to patients in their own homes. Riverways provides care in Howell, Oregon, Ozark, Douglas, Shannon, Texas and Wright counties in Missouri. For more information about Riverways, call 417-256-3133. OMC Rehabilitation Services makes getting physical, occupational, and speech therapy convenient and close to home with therapy center locations in Alton, Gainesville, Mountain Grove and West Plains. To reach the OMC Rehabilitation Services, call 417-257-5959.

Ozarks Medical Center has been committed to providing quality health care to the area since 1959. OMC provides other specialized services in addition to those listed. For a complete listing of OMC physicians, contact the OMC Public Relations Department to get your free Physician Directory at 417-257-6735, or visit www.ozarksmedicalcenter.com.

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