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Veterans Continue Their Service to Others at Ozarks Medical Center, Part 4 of 9

Veterans Continue Their Service to Others at Ozarks Medical Center

Ozarks Medical Center (OMC) is a system of care encompassing a 114-bed acute care hospital, 8 primary care and 15 specialty clinics, along with complete rehabilitation and home care services. OMC is a not-for-profit medical referral center with over 1100 employees, serving an 8-county area in south central Missouri and north central Arkansas. OMC would like to recognize a few of our veterans that came forward to be interviewed. We appreciate all that they have done for our country and applaud all veterans for their service.

Part 4 of 9.

Gary Carter, LPN, OMC Neurosciences Center

“Join the Navy and see the World!” That was the slogan that enticed Gary Carter to enlist as a Mess Management Specialist in the Navy in 1975. Carter served almost five years in the Navy and did see quite a bit of the world. He worked on aircraft carriers and submarines, and visited South America, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Western Pacific, Australia, Japan, and more. He volunteered for submarine duty and was stationed in San Diego on the USS Gurnard, a nuclear fast attack sub.

As a Mess Management Specialist, Carter managed the Navy mess hall, afloat and ashore. Preparing menus, serving meals, and maintaining the food service spaces, he also was responsible for the procurement of equipment and mess gear.

Although he was enlisted during a peace time, Carter says he understands what it is like to put your life on the line when you love your country enough to give your life without a blink of an eye. This understanding helps him relate to the veterans that he sees on a daily basis during his job at OMC. Working in the Neurosciences Center, Carter says he has a better understanding of what the veterans have been through. “My military experience helps me every day in being able to deal with people and situations, and has helped me throughout my life in relating to different jobs and locations.” Carter has worked as a nurse in the OMC Neurosciences Center since November of 2007.

After his service, Carter worked as an Agricultural Pest Control Advisor in California. A job that required him to spend eight hours per day traveling from farm to farm, ranch to ranch, and talking to farmers and ranchers about their needs. When the job was changed to a desk job and making phone calls instead of on-site visits, Carter decided to return to school. He took an aptitude test which revealed his strengths and job matches: career military, police officer, or nurse. He ended up returning to school to become an LPN, then he began working as a Medical Technical Assistant for the California Department of Corrections. “I was basically a nurse with a badge,” Carter said.

After retiring from the Department of Corrections, Carter and wife, Linda, decided to move back to Missouri. Carter had graduated high school from Norwood, and knowing that the cost of living would be less in Missouri, they moved back. Linda is a real estate broker, and their two sons, Adam and Andy, both work in Information Technology.

OMC Neurosciences Center provides care for diseases and disorders of the nervous system. Specializing in brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles, the Neurosciences Center also contributes to the Level 2 Stroke Center designation and is a provider for the ALS Treatment Center.

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