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Dr. Stephen Coats Honored as New Physician’s Lounge and Conference Room is Dedicated in his Name

Dr. Stephen Coats Honored as New Physician’s Lounge and Conference Room

is Dedicated in his Name

Members of Ozarks Medical Center’s (OMC) Board of Directors, physicians, administration and staff recently honored Dr. Stephen Coats for his service to OMC. Dr. Coats served on the active medical staff at OMC from 1975 to 2010.

OMC President and CEO, Tom Keller, thanked Dr. Coats and his wife, Betty, for the donation of his office suite in the Doctors Pavillion. “Dr. and Mrs. Coats’ generosity has made our new physician’s lounge and conference room possible. This much-needed space will allow physicians to have a place to collaborate, grab a bite to eat, work on charts, and more. The large conference room will be used for physician leadership and committee meetings.

Marge Slayton, OMC Board President, thanked Dr. Coats and Betty for making the lounge and conference room a reality. “We are so very proud of this space and appreciative of their thoughtful gesture in giving back to provide a much needed space for our physicians.”

Dr. Rob Martin, Dr. Richard Bowles, and Dr. Gid Morrison all spoke of fond memories of Dr. Coats during his practice. “Dr. Coats always did what needed to be done, he took care of the people in our community and has a great big heart,” said Dr. Rob Martin.

“It really is an honor and a pleasure to have been a part of this hospital. I hope that all the doctors know how lucky they are to be a part of this hospital, administration and staff. My wife and I enjoyed raising our family here in West Plains. It is our pleasure to give something back,” Dr. Coats said.

The Physician Lounge and Conference Room is complete with a living area that includes a TV, recliners, computer desk with work station, and physician mailboxes; a dining area with a table that will seat 8; and a kitchen area with counter seating, coffee and soda station, and refrigerator. Easy access to the cafeteria is available for events and meetings. The conference room features a large conference table with seating for 20.

Pictured left to right: Marge Slayton, OMC Board President; Dr. Stephen Coats; Betty Coats; and Tom Keller, OMC President and CEO.

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