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OMC Nurse Practitioners Recognized on Certified Nurses Day

OMC Nurse Practitioners Recognized on Certified Nurses Day

Ozarks Medical Center (OMC) celebrated Certified Nurses Day, March 19, by honoring its board certified nurse practitioners.

The following nurse practitioners are being recognized for their professionalism, leadership, and commitment to excellence in patient care: Paul Burris, Mountain Grove Clinic; Pearl Hunter, Mountain Grove Clinic; Karina Guffey, Mountain Grove and McVicker Family Clinic; Connie Barker, Mountain Grove Clinic; Glennette Haney, Thayer Clinic; Leslie Batterton, Mammoth Spring Clinic; Michelle Sims, Alton Clinic; Madalyn Hicks, Urgent Care Clinic; Amelia Holmes, Urgent Care Clinic; Catherine Pearson, Shannon County Clinic; Dave McVicker, McVicker Family Clinic; Jennifer Whitaker, Behavioral Healthcare; Colleen Haynie, Behavioral Healthcare; Jim Streff, Heart Care Services; Hilda Newell, Emergency Department; Patricia Carson, Behavioral Healthcare; Elisabeth DeShane, Behavioral Healthcare; Dianna Owen, Neurosurgery; Susan Kenslow, Cancer Treatment Center and Jennifer Rhoads, Women’s Healthcare.

Board certified nurse practitioners make a difference to their patients and to their institutions. They are unique professionals that have made the commitment to life-long learning, patient advocacy and professional practice.

“OMC is blessed to have such a large number of board certified nurse practitioners on our staff. Their commitment to their profession speaks volumes of the compassionate care they provide and their vision of improving health and encouraging wellness to every person every time,” said Tom Keller, President and CEO.

Please join OMC and the nation’s national nursing certification organizations in honoring those hardworking, dedicated nurse practitioners for their professionalism, and a job well done!

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