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OMC Physicians, Administration Attend Conference

OMC Physicians, Administration Attend Conference

Members of the Ozarks Medical Center medical and administrative staff recently attended a conference by the Greeley Company in Coronado, California, featuring key physician leadership topics such as peer review, credentialing, medical executive committee management, clinical integration, and value-based care. “Our medical staff is committed to providing exceptional care to our patients,” said Dr. Rick Holloway, Chief Medical Officer at OMC. “We are bringing home knowledge to OMC that keeps us on top of the latest and best practice discoveries.”

Pictured seated left to right: Dr. Derek Morrison; Dr. Rick Holloway, Chief Medical Officer; Dr. Chris Cochran, and Dr. Liana Makarian. Back row: Tom Keller, President and CEO; Dr. Alex Makarian; Dr. Jeffrey Dryden; Dr. Kevin Crowe; Jeffery Jones, Vice President of Clinics; and Dr. Antony Joseph. Dr. Rodney Zimbelmann, Chief of Staff; Dr. Sonia Gerlick, and Dr. Rob Martin also attended but were not present for the photo.

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