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OMC Pulmonary Rehab Makes a Difference in Every Day Lives

OMC Pulmonary Rehab Makes a Difference in Every Day Lives

Ozarks Medical Center (OMC) Pulmonary Rehabilitation program is designed to help patients with breathing problems control their symptoms and improve their day-to-day activities through exercise training and behavioral and educational programs. The Pulmonary Rehabilitation team includes physicians, respiratory therapists, physical and occupational therapists, dietitians, social workers, mental health care providers and exercise specialists. On a daily basis, Ruth Nabors, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Coordinator/Therapist; Becky Russell, OMC Rehab Tech; and Claribel Newton, OMC Therapist, interact with the Pulmonary Rehab patients.

Success of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation program can be demonstrated through the improvements of Linda Cates, Kathy Patton, and Mary Jo Miller since they started the program.

“I started out in a wheelchair,” said Linda Cates. “I couldn’t walk long distances, drive a car, and I had no energy for doing light tasks. Now I am without the wheelchair and I can do all the other things, too!”

Kathy Patton is thankful that OMC offers the program in West Plains. “Having Pulmonary Rehab available in West Plains is so special as there are many patients that can’t make the trip to Springfield or another hospital,” said Kathy. “I am in phase 3. I’m not sure I would be getting around or breathing at all without the help I’ve received in the program.”

Mary Jo Miller attributes the Pulmonary Rehab program to her feeling better as well. “I have been coming to OMC Pulmonary Rehab for some time now, and quite frankly, I might not be here if it weren’t for these three lovely ladies, Ruth, Becky and Claribel,” said Mary Jo. “Their professional abilities have taught me to be okay with my lung disease. These ladies are willing to share our concerns and have instilled in me that it is okay to wear an oxygen cannula and tank.”

“We as a group, patients and staff, have formed a sisterhood if you will. Pulmonary Rehab is a place that I am proud to be a part of,” said Mary Jo.

Kathy agrees with Mary Jo and adds, “The physical part, of course is great. However, the enthusiasm and support shown by Ruth, Becky, and Claribel is what makes the program so special. The patients leave with lifted spirits. It is hard to be sad or down around Ruth. She is a very special person who truly cares about each patient.”

For more information about how OMC's Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program can help people suffering from chronic lung conditions learn to get more enjoyment out of life, call the OMC Pulmonary Rehabilitation Department at 417-257-5959.

OMC Pulmonary Rehab staff and patients posed in their matching t-shirts. Pictured left to right: Claribel Newton, OMC Therapist; Mary Jo Miller, patient; Ruth Nabors, Pulmonary Rehab Program Coordinator/Therapist; Linda Cates, patient; Kathy Patton, patient; and Becky Russell, Rehab Tech.

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