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Ozarks Medical Center Behavioral Healthcare Celebrates 20 Years of Service

Ozarks Medical Center Behavioral Healthcare Celebrates 20 Years of Service

This year marks the 20th year of service for Ozarks Medical Center Behavioral Healthcare (OMC BHC). OMC BHC began in November, 1997, as an administrative agent for the Missouri Department of Mental Health. This designation coincided with a consolidation of outpatient behavioral health services in the area. Prior to OMC BHC, Ozark Area Care and Counseling (OACC) practiced behavioral healthcare in OMC’s service area.

The OMC BHC service area includes the counties of Howell, Ozark, Texas, Shannon, Douglas, Wright, and Oregon. Behavioral health services are delivered in West Plains, Mountain Grove, Thayer, Mountain View, and Winona. Tele-psychiatry services also are available in outlying clinics.

OMC BHC serves approximately 4,500 clients. Services include medication management, psychotherapy (counseling), Healthcare Home, case management, crisis services, and day treatment. Case management currently serves 780 clients, assisting them with management of their care. Healthcare Home is a Medicaid program that provides care coordination for about 400 clients dual-diagnosed with a chronic physical condition and a mental health condition. Counseling services have adopted evidence-based practices in recent years, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.

“One of the unique things about OMC BHC is that it is aligned with a regional healthcare system, unlike most of our peers around the state,” says OMC BHC Director Richard McGee. “We are able to provide a full range of behavioral health services, but also coordinate care with other OMC services to provide a very wide range of services to clients.”

For more information on Behavioral Healthcare in any of OMC’s clinics, contact 417-257-6762.

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