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Dr. Christopher Cochran Celebrates 15th Year at OMC

Dr. Christopher Cochran Celebrates 15th Year at OMC

By Stacy Tintocalis, Freelance Writer

Dr. Christopher Cochran, a board certified internist, celebrated 15 years of exceptional compassionate healthcare at OMC (Ozarks Medical Center) in February.

“I’m a native and wanted to be a doctor to my people,” Dr. Cochran exclaimed. Raised in Mammoth Spring, Arkansas, Dr. Cochran wanted to stay close to home. His first medical position was at a hospital in Cherokee Village, Arkansas. When the Cherokee Village hospital shut down, he had to move on. “I didn’t want to leave Mammoth Spring,” he said, “and I didn’t want to move, so I plopped onto OMC’s doorstep and said, ‘Hey, do you have a job for me?’”

Sure enough, OMC did.

When Dr. Cochran arrived at OMC in 2003, few hospitalists practiced general medicine compared to now. “At first I was like an old-fashioned doctor,” Dr. Cochran said. “As hospitalists have become more popular, I’ve begun to work exclusively in the clinics and GI lab.”

A hospitalist is a dedicated in-patient physician whose primary professional focus is the medical care of hospitalized patients.

“At OMC, I’ve had a broader practice than if I’d moved to a place like Springfield,” Dr. Cochran said. “In a city, I’d do more referring. I appreciate my freedom here, and I’ve tried to fill other roles to the best that I can.”

Fifteen years later, Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) DJ Gross has joined Dr. Cochran at the OMC Internal Medicine Clinic, which now encompasses family practice so that patients can be seen for anything from acute illnesses to chronic problems, and even annual wellness exams with DJ Gross. Dr. Cochran, in addition to primary care, sees patients for a variety of things, including colon cancer screenings (colonoscopies), gastroesophageal (reflux disease), ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and Hepatitis C.

Beyond his work in internal medicine, Dr. Cochran is a true Renaissance man and self-proclaimed polymath, interested in literature, linguistics, philology, farming, woodworking, bee keeping, and more. His patients may get some advice on fruit tree hybridization along with a dose of old-fashioned medicine.

As a recent addition to the OMC Board of Directors, Dr. Cochran is now taking his expertise out of the exam room and into a non-clinical role. “I spent many years being a doctor who practiced medicine and then hopped in my car and went home. In recent years, I’ve been more involved in administrative duties to help non-clinical people understand clinical things.”

“Dr. Cochran is one of the best doctors I’ve ever worked with,” said Shena Stevenson, his nurse and clinic supervisor. “He’s extremely caring and very smart.”

That caring and the desire to help others has grown stronger over the years. “My knowledge of helping is much more refined than it was when I was first in med school,” Dr. Cochran said. “My heart has clarified. It’s much more pure.”

“OMC would like to thank Dr. Cochran for his 15 years of service,” said OMC President and CEO, Tom Keller. “He is the epitome of OMC’s mission of providing exceptional, compassionate care.”

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