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OMC HIM Department Celebrated HIP Week

OMC HIM Department Celebrated HIP Week

The American Health Information Management Association honored and celebrated health information professionals during the 29th Annual Health Information Professionals (HIP) Week March 18-24, 2018. This year’s theme: “Our Future is Bright.”

HIM professionals understand clinical and financial data as well as information governance and data management — all tools that can help reward value, lower cost, and make the healthcare experience better for patients. “It’s a great time to be in the HIM profession, and we believe our future is bright” said Lou Ann Wiedemann, interim senior vice president of member services for AHIMA. “It’s a transformational time for healthcare and health information is at the heart of this transformation.

OMC has a strong group of professionals with a combined total of 228 years of experience among the 24 coworkers in the health information (or medical record) department. These professionals hold the titles of Certified Coding Specialist, Certified Professional Coder, Certified Hematology Oncology Coder, Certified Emergency Department coder, and Registered Health Information Technician.

Lead by a team of Supervisors: Buffy Camire, Karmen Cressman, Sandy Smith, and Reina Fierce, who are fully supported by Jason Staggs, Director, the department performs a variety of tasks including collecting and scanning medical records, analyzing and completing medical records, releasing information to patients, insurance companies and others who require the information for various purposes.

Team members also perform onboarding to new providers to OMC including full orientation before they see patients, Electronic Medical Record documentation training, the use of DRAGON speech technology, and ongoing support on a daily basis.

In addition, the coding and reporting of diagnoses, procedures, and professional fees for approximately 174,000 patients per year, aids in a successful financial future for OMC. These codes provide the information necessary for reimbursement for the majority of services provided across the organization.

The medical record scanning, analysis, completion and release of information functions, led by Buffy Camire, include Evette Prill scanning/analysis, Denise Brewer record completion, Sarah Laws scanning and record storage functions, and Kari Webster and Sunny Redfield who release records for the hospital and clinics. This team ensures that those who use the patient information to perform their jobs throughout the organization have access as soon as 24 hours following discharge or release from the hospital.

New provider onboarding and training, DRAGON training and support, and record audits are led by Karmen Cressman who is assisted by Ellen Simpson and Lesa Claywell. Although originally known as transcriptionists, these three are proof that HIP’s are adaptable to a changing environment. Speech recognition replaced the dictation and transcription format in 2014 and the last remaining providers transitioned in 2017. With their expertise in understanding the way the provider documents the notes in the medical record, these three have easily adapted to their new role and have successfully helped OMC become a completely transcription-free facility.

Coding is the area of HIM that sees the most change as coding updates and revisions are occurring faster than the guidelines can be published. Coders are trained with the ability to read and interpret the documentation into alpha-numeric codes that indicate why the patient came in for services, the surgical procedures performed, and even indicate the level of service provided by the physicians to the patient while they are under his/her care. There are many certification levels a coder may strive for and many of our coders have attained or are in the process of acquiring these certifications.

Hospital facility coders led by Sandy Smith include Jill Hafner, Jessica Romans, Sandy Harris, Hailey Bush, Tymber Thomason, and Elizabeth Weyland.

Coders responsible for OMC clinics led by Reina Fierce are Kathy Metcalf, Rhonda Ruth, Sara Huffman, Rhonda Howell, Tiffany Hale, and Michelle MacNaught.

Do you see the common thread in what a HIP deals with each day? That’s right; documentation. It’s documentation that is collected each day from the various departments throughout the hospital ensuring their availability to all who require the information to do their job. It’s analyzing the medical record to ensure that all reports of documentation are completed. It’s releasing the documentation to requestors who require the information to continue to care for the patient, to reimburse for services, to study and learn why people seek treatment for various conditions, and even to prove that the care provided was exceptional.

During HIP week at OMC, the co-workers in the health information management department who take on all these tasks and more each day, with pride in a job well done were celebrated.

First row: Ellen Simpson, Sunny Redfield, Rhonda Howell, Sara Huffman, Jill Hafner, Elizabeth Weyland, Lesa Claywell, Sandy Harris, Hailey Bush, Sandy Smith, Karmen Cressman. Second row: Evette Prill, Kathy Metcalf, Sarah Laws, Jessica Romans, Buffy Camire, Michelle MacNaught, Tymber Thomason, Reina Fierce. Third row: Denise Brewer, Kari Webster, Jason Staggs, Tiffany Hale

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