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The Gift of Gab Brings Heirloom Quilts to OMC

The Gift of Gab Brings Heirloom Quilts to OMC

A block of quilt in the corner of Cardiac Rehab started the conversation: “Tell me what that is,” a patient said, pointing to the block on the wall.

Cardiac Rehab is a place where patients walk on treadmills, cycle on stationary bikes, and talk. “They all sit around visiting and talking about things they’ve done in the past,” said Sharon Hall, Cardiac Rehab Coordinator.” One person will say, ‘I’ve done this.’ The other will say, ‘I’ve done that.’”

That’s how a simple conversation led to the gifts of two heirloom quilts to Cardiac Rehab.

The patients were 90 year-old Dorman Frazier and 87-year old Robert Smeby. One pointed to the block of quilt on the wall and that began their reveries of quilts.

Frazier recalled not having any electricity as a child and sitting at night by the light of a kerosene lamp, making a quilt with his mother.

Smeby recalled finding a quilt at the bottom of a cedar chest along with his wife’s wedding dress.

“They talked about things their kids and grandkids didn’t want,” said Sharon Hall.

As it turned out, their kids didn’t want quilts, and eventually Smeby and Frazier loaned the two quilts to OMC’s Cardiac Rehab Center. These quilts now hang on the center’s walls.

Blocks of the Daisy Flour Sack Quilt were initially embroidered in 1933 by Susie Frazier, Dorman Frazier’s mother, as well as eight-year-old Dorman and his six-year-old sister, Cleo. Until the 1980s, the blocks were stored in a chest. When Frazier’s wife discovered them, she quilted them into a beautiful heirloom.

The black, orange, and yellow patchwork quilt was made before 1930 by Robert Smeby’s great grandmother, Randi (Rachel) Sando-Larson, a spry woman born in 1858. She died in 1953.

Stop by OMC’s Cardiac Rehab Center to see these beautiful quilts, and take some time to visit with the patients and care givers who make this environment a warm, inviting place to get to know each other.

For more information about OMC Cardiac Rehab, call 417-257-6785.

Pictured left to right with their quilts are Dorman Frazier and Robert Smeby.

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